My Mouse On My Computer Does Not Work – How To Fix It

There is no doubt that a computer mouse decides to stop working at the worst possible moments. For example, you may be working on your desktop computer when you suddenly need a fix for out of control PC mouse. If it stops working, you may not know what you need to do. You may be asking yourself “Why does my mouse not work on some computer games?” There is no need to worry. The problem could be your operating system, your computer, or even the mouse itself.

You can start fixing the problem by cleaning it. Unplug the mouse and twist the ring found at the bottom counter clockwise. This action will remove the ring. After you have removed the ring at the bottom, you will be free to remove the trackball that is inside. Clean the trackball with warm water. Make sure you dry the trackball carefully.

You can also clean the rollers located inside. This can be done with a cotton swab that has been dipped in rubbing alcohol. After you have cleaned the inside of the mouse and the trackball, you can replace the trackball and secure the ring.

If you have an optical or wireless mouse, you need to clean the bottom of the mouse with a damp cloth. You should also clean the pad with a damp cloth.

After you have plugged it back in and there are still problems, you may need to check the input. A mouse normally has a USB connector or a PS/2 connector. The PS/2 connector is normally color coded green and can only be inserted in one direction. Check the connector for any broken or bent pins. If everything is fine, plug it in carefully and reboot the computer.

You can also connect it to a different computer. This allows you to figure out if the problem is with your mouse or if the problem is with your computer. Test it and if  it works on the other computer, there is a problem with the computer or with the operating system.

You can check for device conflicts on your computer. If you have installed other devices on your computer, those devices may be conflicting with your mouse. Remove all of the new hardware and drivers that you have installed recently and reboot the computer.

Reinstall your computer driver if there was one. This can be done by going to the Control Panel and clicking on the ‘System’ button. Select ‘Device Driver’ and click on your mouse. Uninstall any drivers that are listed with your mouse and unplug the mouse. Reboot the computer. After you have done this, reboot the computer again. Plug the mouse back in and make sure that it is working. If the mouse is working, you will be able to reinstall the drivers that you previously uninstalled.

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